I just can’t wait to King T-shirt, V-neck, Hoodie, Tank-top.

Before the last trumpet is blown I just want to give a word to all human to think of Christ and He will think of us.just as we see airplane so small in the clouds but bigger when close so it is being with our God,if you are close to Him you will see His greatness and far from Him you notice how little He is. But when you are with Him there you beloved of the kingdoms will know that it is evil for women wearing under or inner wears in public ,painting your faces proving your selves naked in public and you those whose do wear these dangerous wears to churches and your pastors can’t tell you all because of offerings and those who do present themselves holy in church and become Satan in their house .God have mercy on you. Jesus is coming .. I know have being hearing about Jesus but one I know is that you have not yet net Him meeting Him what we are waiting for .and when we meet him.all these unbiblical dresses will have to stop..