I’m a Vererans Daughter T-shirt.

My son painted an American Flag and was going to leave it at Veteran’s Memorial . We stopped at Palafox Pier to look for rocks, and mydaughter ended up in the splash pad with her cousins  My son pointed out a man wearing a vereran’s hat and decided to give his rock to an actual vet instead of leaving at the memorial. He thanked him for his service and the man was truly shocked and couldn’t believe it was for him . He served 27 years in the Army.
As life would have it, my daughter shortly after bumped heads with another child playing in the fountain, and this same man handed us a bottle of frozen water for her.
They found several rocks at the pier, and jokingly we said my niece found “God” there. The orange one was hidden very clever on top of an orange cone A very full day for sure in downtown Pensacola!

So proud of my brother in law; went to school with my grand daughterJoselyn Rodriguez for a Vererans celebration. They look so cute!


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