New Grill Sergeant T-shirt, V-neck, hoodie.

Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you have to miss out onbarbecue.

While up in Bali I hit up a few Bali BBQ joints.

First up, Smokehouse BBQ in Seminyak.
The second I got out of the taxi I was excited. A monster offset sits up front surrounded by wood. They have a pedestal fan blowing air into the firebox to keep this puppy humming. And I wasn’t let down once the food came out.

Tried the taster plate with brisket, pork, sausage and fried chicken, then got a second order of pork ribs. It’s was all killer. Very simple rub of salt and heavy pepper. Never had pork ribs like that-different and delicious.

Only let down was the house sauces, but the cue was that good they weren’t needed. I only wanted to taste them.

FYI, The food pics below are from the net…once it came out I forgot about photos, but it’s a pretty good representation of what food was served.

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