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Nurse Gotta pass the pills to pay the bills shirt

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I used to support Obamacare, or at least, I wanted more information and evidence of actual repercussions before I made a decision on it. After several months and further research, I’ve made a new observation about it.
The whole thing is a lobby-induced corporate law designed to create record-breaking profits for insurance companies and hospitals. You can blame Obama if you want, but as is usually the case with our presidents, he’s just a patsy. He’s the guy who will get blamed. Just like Bush is usually blamed for Nurse Gotta pass the pills to pay the bills shirt is blamed for NAFTA. They’re just the figureheads that talk and lie to your face while the REAL people in power reap the benefits of their corrupt legislation. This legislation brought to you by: The insurance companies and healthcare conglomerates of America. Why do I say this?
Have you ever been to the Emergency Room? It’s quite expensive. I would never condone going to the hospital in our for-profit system unless you suspected something seriously wrong, but let’s say you have a terrible headache that has defied your attempts to end it with medicine. You’re starting to get worried for whatever reason so you go to the Emergency Room because it’s Friday night and the main hospital and other clinics are closed. After no doubt waiting for at least an hour in most parts of America, a nurse will take you to a little room and do the usual checkup. Weight, temperature, symptoms, when you last took medicine, etc. Then, if you haven’t had Tylenol in a while, she’ll likely give you one. Price? Usually around $30. Market value for one pill? $0.50 Now, you go either back to the waiting room, or into an actual patient room, if you’re lucky. An hour or more later, a doctor may come in, or another nurse, to check your stats again. Eventually, if you’re not feeling better, sometimes even if you are, Nurse Gotta pass the pills to pay the bills shirt will arrive. He’ll no doubt ask you the same questions again, and do the same checkup… again. And then if after this you’re not feeling better, we come to a head.

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Nurse Gotta pass the pills to pay the bills shirt, hoodie, v-neck, tank-top

Do you have insurance?
if the answer is no, we’re sorry to hear that. We’ll try to make this as financially possible for you as we can. In other words, they’re going to do a minimum number of tests and send you away. It might even seem like they’re doing this for your own good. Because really, can you afford this? Probably not. This visit has already cost you at least $600 or more. And if you don’t pay, then your debt will likely pass on to the American Taxpayers. So isn’t it better for everyone if you get a minimum amount of treatment? Make no mistake, if you want the treatment, and you obviously need it, you’re going to get it. SOMEBODY SOMEDAY is paying this bill, in part or in whole, and in the meantime, there’s the guy across the hall who had a different answer.
If Nurse Gotta pass the pills to pay the bills shirt answer is yes, congratulations, you’ll now receive a number of tests of varying degrees. Why? The hospital knows its bill will get paid in full, and promptly. You are the proverbial cash cow. Be prepared to see a bill in the range of $1000-$6000 depending on what all tests, services, medicine, etc you received. But no worries, you just pay your deductible and the insurance takes care of the rest. Gotta love that, right? Except your deductible has been going up lately, hasn’t it? Or if it didn’t, you have to pay a higher premium now to keep it as low as it was before the Affordable Care Act. This is not debatable. It’s happening. If you have insurance, you’ve seen it, and if not, you will soon. My insurance is too expensive now. I had to drop it. Others are seeing the same. Now I have to attempt to go through the exchanges, which still have enormous problems, and if I don’t, I pay a fee. So, Universal Healthcare it is. In this new socialized/for-profit hybrid, we perpetuate the trend of the HUGE and GROWING income inequality in the U.S. Now, the American People are on the hook more than ever before for the growing amount of BLATANT PRICE GOUGING our healthcare system is guilty of. Yes, the doctors must be paid. Yes, the supplies must be bought. Yes to all of your concerns about the amount of money necessary to run a hospital. The profits of most medical companies are not secret. Nurse Gotta pass the pills to pay the bills shirt available online because these companies are required by a law to report their earnings if they are a publicly traded entity on the stock market. Take a look. These companies have been making billions for years. Their executives make multimillion dollar salaries. Do you even truly understand how much money a BILLION dollars is? We’re trained to think it’s not really that much these days. After all, our national debt is in the trillions. But this brings to mind an important question. EXACTLY how much MONEY is a HUMAN LIFE worth? Does it change with social class? With race? With religion? With age, gender, sexual orientation or intelligence? A HUMAN LIFE IS NOT QUANTIFIABLE IN A SCALE OF MONEY, AND IT NEVER WILL BE. Profiting from the sale of healthcare is no different than profiting from the sale of human slaves. How can I make this outrageous comparison? What human being do you know that wouldn’t pay any price for life. Very few people ever consider themselves ready for death. We all fear it, in one way or the other. Just as the animals in the wild we will do anything we can to preserve our own life, even if it means fighting an enemy we can never hope to defeat, or going into extreme debt we can never hope to repay. If you don’t believe me, then you’ve never been in a near death situation. As such, hospitals can charge whatever they want, and we’ll still pay. Now, everyone has to be insured. So those big profits the hospitals were making? They’re going to get bigger. And the insurance rates? They’re going to get a lot bigger to cover the cost. Money shifts hands again and again but in the end it comes out of your pocket and into theirs. It’s a siphon sucking every last dollar it can out of the lower classes, and giving it all to the “elites.”
Let me end with this note. Doctors, nurses, EMTs and all those who keep us healthy should ABSOLUTELY be paid for their time. I’m not saying they should all just volunteer to spend their days healing the sick and wounded. These people need to be trained professionals and well paid for Nurse Gotta pass the pills to pay the bills shirt imperative service they perform. That can be done without billions of dollars in profit, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a socialized system or still a capitalist system.

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    Happy Monday Gotta go Pass the Pills to pay the Bills ? Going to get my NURSE ON and spread the love baby

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