[Official] About Eat- Sleep- One piece- Repeat T-shirt, V-neck,Hoodie.

One of the ways demons infest people is by way
of eating in your sleep. Well everyone will
obviously dream eating once in a while and this
is perfectly normal but when it gets extreme it
may become demonic.
A man dreamt someone giving him food, last
week. He was hungry in the dream and devoured
the food. After eating all of it the person laughed
at him telling him that was not food but nails, I
mean zvipikiri! In the dream he started bleeding
from his stomach area.
The man awoke feeling full. After a few days he
realised that he was eating but not visiting the
toilet. He was not excreting. He therefore went
to the doctors, was scanned and found that his
intestined now had a growth which blocked
them. He was due for an op but thank God a
prayer saved him.

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