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The Paw Paw School Board has voted to keep the Redskin name and image as their mascot, at least until they lose any state or federal funding because of it.

The mascot has been debated for decades, but this school year has seen a renewed push for the school to change.

Wednesday night’s vote passed by a margin of 4 to 3.

The vote came at the end of tense meeting, where two people were asked to leave by the board president, who said they were disruptive. Those two were escorted out by police.

The Paw Paw School Board President made it clear that there would be zero tolerance for disruptive behavior.

The debate over the district’s mascot also got ugly on Wednesday, the founder of the pro-mascot group ‘We are the Paw Paw Redskins’ telling Newschannel 3 that she found her home had been vandalized on Wednesday.

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