Rut Tha Ruck Scooby Doo Shirt

Rut Tha Ruck? – Scooby Doo Shirt

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Rut Tha Ruck? – Scooby Doo Shirt is a awesome shirt about topic Rut Tha Ruck? – Scooby Doo that our team designed for you. LIMITED EDITION with many style as longsleeve tee, v-neck, tank-top, hoodie, youth tee. This shirt has different color and size, click button bellow to grab it.

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Rut Tha Ruck – Scooby Doo Shirt
Are you Fan ScoobyDoo?
Then this shirt for you . THINK u have Rut Tha Ruck? – Scooby Doo Shirt vicious red bean beast bug tamed, and can finally make at least one good hunt before u gotta head home, it’s about a 600 yard walk to tha stand u wanna hunt, u get about halfway and that ole familiar burn hits u like a load of squirrel shot intha gut and u begin makin tracks toward tha camp, u think u might make it, but intha dark of tha pre dawn woods u don’t see that 4 wheeler rut, and u trip and go Rollin down tha pipeline, and now u have just authored your own little novel into tha back your fruit of tha looms, called 50 SHADES OF BROWN! So always remember never and I mean never eat a crunchy red bean!!!!

Rut Tha Ruck? – Scooby Doo Shirt, Hoodie, Tank

Rut Tha Ruck Scooby Doo Hoodie


Rut Tha Ruck Scooby Doo Ladies


Rut Tha Ruck Scooby Doo Tank Top

Tank Top

esley’s outdoor tip of the Rut Tha Ruck? – Scooby Doo Shirt  bout 2 years ago, upon leavin tha house for deer camp, your buddy who is already at camp, calls and informs you that he has a big ole pot of red beans and rice cookin, and that they should be ready upon your arrival at camp, so you don’t even stop on tha way up durin tha 4 hour drive, filled with excitement and ready to enjoy a weekend Huntin with friends, u arrive at camp after unloading and sippin down about a 6 pack of cold ones, u make ur way to tha kitchen, and fix you a big bowl of tha red beans and rice, at first bite tha taste is right on tha money, but u notice that tha beans are a little bit on tha crunchy side, but hell it’s already 9 at nite and ur hungry so u crunch on through that bowl and half of another one, after a couple more cold beers u call it a night, and get ready for tha upcoming bush beef blast fest that tha mornin will bring, well what you don’t realize is that u have just bought yourself a 3 day, no stops, all inclusive, round trip ticket on tha DOO DOO CHOO CHOO TRAIN from hell.

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    I can’t wait to get my new shirt

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